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Let the fun begin!!

Safety Measures:

1. Material : The material used to make the inflatables are up to the safety standards. We use BPA free, thick material free from harmful chemicals.

2. Make : The inflatables are made with a double stitch and Velcro for the safety during play. This also helps in long life and minimum damage to the inflatable when there is a power outage and harsh climatic conditions.

3. Safety Certified : We and all our staff are Safety Certified. There is a certification that trains us on all the precautions we have to take to run an inflatable bouncy rental business and we follow all those standards and stay updated.

4. Staff Member : Our staff member is present at all times along with the inflatable to take care of the play time, making sure number of kids allowed inside the bouncy at a time and, age limits are followed.

5. Extra precaution : We provide safety mats near the entry points in our inflatables to prevent accidental fall while playing.

7. Cleanliness : We clean and disinfect our inflatables before and after every event.

6. Additional : We also carry a first aid box and a fire extinguisher with us to the parties to tackle any unforeseen situations.