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Let the fun begin!!


The risk of serious injury from participating in inflatable activities, although minimal, does exist, as it does in all play and amusement activities. The customer recognizes and understands and agrees to notify all participants, their parents or guardians of ‘Use at Own Risk” policy. As customer of the units, the safety of all participants shall be the customer’s sole responsibility.

Participants and supervisors should be aware that they have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while in or on the inflatable activity. Children’s safety depends on presence of Adult Supervision while INFLATABLE UNIT is in use.

Terms of Use

1. Participants must be 3 years of age or older and dry slide riders should be 4 years of age or older.

2. Jumpsquare requests parents to keep an eye on their children while playing in our units even though they are monitored by our staff.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO FLIPS (To avoid neck and back injuries)

4. All participants should remove all jewelry, glasses and any sharp objects.

5. Any one with previous or current physical injuries should not participate.

6. Participants should be of similar age, size and stature. Do not allow younger children to bounce with older children. NO ADULTS

7. Prevent obstruction of entrance. Do not allow playing or sitting on the front step.

8. Prevent users from climbing or hanging onto the walls. Participants must not sit or lie down while others are bouncing around them.

9. No shoes, no food, drinks or chewing gum, silly strings, confetti, smoking allowed on or near inflatable. We encourage kids to wear socks when inside the inflatable. Units found with banned items or debris will result in a cleaning fee of Rs.500.

10. Adhere to recommended capacity: The number of users at any one time should be limited to allow each user enough room to play safely.

11. Keep users off the unit when it is being inflated and deflated.

12. No somersaults, contact or horseplay allowed.

13. If rental is at night, customer must ensure proper lighting.

14. Periodically inspect tie downs and ground anchors to make sure they are properly secured. If indoors make sure that the unit has not shifted.

15. Unit is to be shut down and deflated if winds begin to drastically alter shape (25kmph).

16. If due to rain the unit becomes slippery, do not operate.

17. Before operation become familiar with the blower and any emergency exits.

18. Report all incidents and accidents to Jumpsquare immediately.

19. The customer is responsible for providing power to operate blower units.

20. Jumpsquare is not responsible for any heat or sun-related injuries or illnesses, including sunstroke, sunburn, or dehydration. Nor is it responsible for fatigue, chill and/or dizziness.

21. Event location area must be flat, dry and clear of rocks or any other debris to ensure the safety of participants. It is the customer’s responsibility to clean area prior to set up.

22. If for any reason Bouncer deflates there is no cause for alarm. Tell participants to remain calm and evacuate them through the exit immediately.

Inclement Weather Policy

1. If there is heavy rain we will not deliver or set the unit up in case of outdoor locations

2. If there is light rain and the forecast is calling for clearing skies the unit will be delivered and set up on location. The unit is NOT to be used in the rain. It is required that the rain has stopped and the unit is wiped down before it can be used.

3. If there are high winds, higher than 25 KMPH, the unit can be set up but not inflated until the wind settles below 25 KMPH. If the wind starts to pick up, the unit must be deflated and you must wait to inflate the unit until the wind settles down.

Rescheduling Policy

1. If a rental is cancelled due to inclement weather before 3 hours of the party, then Jumpsquare will do everything in their power to reschedule it for an alternate date, the unit that the renter has originally scheduled. If the unit cannot be secured for the alternate date, another unit, if available, will be provided.

2. Within 3 hours of the party, any rescheduling or cancellation is strictly prohibited and it is considered has hired and the client has to pay the full rental charge except delivery if the truck has not left the warehouse. If the truck has left the warehouse, then full rental plus delivery need to be paid.

Cancellation Policy

If Jumpsquare determines cancellations are necessary due to inclement weather such as precipitation, high winds or other acts of nature or other dangerous circumstances, your deposit will be fully refunded. Jumpsquare reserves the right to cancel any reservation that may jeopardize safety.

Cancellations based on customer decision must be made at least 7 days prior to scheduled event

to receive a full refund (Ex: A Saturday event must be cancelled the prior Saturday or before to receive a full refund).

Cancellation before 7 days - Full refund

Cancellation before 3 days - Rs.1000 will be deducted from the advance amount.

Cancellation before 1 day - Rs.1500 will be deducted from the advance amount.

Cancellation before 4 hours - Rs.2000 will be deducted from the advance amount.

Cancellation within 3 hours of the party - Full rental charge has to be paid by the client.

No refunds will be given once the units are delivered and accepted by the customer. We take no responsibility for bad weather and full payment will be charged. Jumpsquare does not assume responsibility for personal injury, including damage and personal injuries attributed to unauthorized dismantling of equipment.

Payment Policy

A minimum of Rs.1000 or 25% of the rental fee is required as deposit at the time of reservation. The remaining rental fee is due at the time of or after the installation of unit/s.

Delivery Policy

Delivery is included in the rental fee unless the distance is above 20 kms of Dwarakanagar area, delivery will be charged at actuals for both ways.

Jumpsquare shall use its best efforts to deliver the units at the start time stated in contract; however, Jumpsquare cannot guarantee that the unit will be delivered at exactly the start time. Jumpsquare shall not be responsible for any claims or damages in the event that the unit is delivered earlier or later than the start time


In consideration of being permitted access to the use and enjoyment of the equipment and recognizing and acknowledging that use of this equipment may inherently carry some risk of injury, the undersigned, in his/her personal capacity, and on behalf of any minor users, hereby waives any liability to the owner/operator of said equipment and agrees to indemnify and save harmless said owner/operator, it’s agents, servants and employees from any and all actions or liabilities for any injury or loss that may result from said use.

I, the undersigned, have carefully read and fully understand and agree to the above rules and conditions.

Customer Contract

Name (Customer): ________________________________________

Event Address: ________________________________________

Day Phone: ____________________________

Email Address: ______________________________

Unit(s) Requested: ___________________________________________________________________

Date/Time of Event :___________________________

Rental Fee: ____________________________________

Date/Method of Rs.1000 or 25% of the rental deposit payment:_______________________________


Cheque________No____________ Date____________

Signature/Date _______________________________